The Federation is a family run, impact investment and entrepreneurial incubation firm that invests into talented entrepreneurs working to drive social change and innovation, primarily in Sub-Saharan Africa. With a focus on the ‘unique’, we help develop and implement sustainable business models which give return on investment, not just in capital, but returns in the form of women’s economic empowerment, climate action, and building peace and resilence.


The Chambers Federation is an American company, with a primary history in the fields of Financial Services and Construction. Chambers Federation was founded with the purpose to create solutions where other businesses fail to see opportunity. To work with people facing social and economic restrictions, in need of sustainable and supportive income generating initiatives for themselves and the community as a whole.


The Company’s inspiration dates back to the late 1800’s, to the founder’s great-great-grandfather, Julius Rasmussen. Born in 1876, Julius began making cigars by hand in his hometown of Roskilde, Denmark. Known locally for using only the finest tobacco and hand rolling each cigar to perfection, Julius’s brand quickly became the quintessential representation of quality. Julius’s unwavering determination, ingenuity and altruism continued to the most recent generation with the formation of The Chambers Federation.

Recent History

Foreseeing the financial crisis 3 years before it happened, CFG (Chambers Financial Group) was founded to represent both federal and private banking institutions and help shelter the industry through the financial crisis of 2008. With assets under management exceeding $2.5 billion, CFG worked primarily with federal agencies and even co-authored homeowner retention programs. CFG was one of only three companies prepared to handle the emerging housing crisis. The Federation continued to diversify its activities, expanding to the Philippines creating a BPO company, creating employment opportunities for disadvantaged women. Finally in 2009, the Federation moved its construction division to Kenya and began its first foray into a community based mining pilot project. Between 2013 to 2014, the construction division completed over 200 million shillings in road contracts in Kenya alone. Eventually, the Federation initiated several impact investments which included a women owned construction and servicing company meant to empower disadvantaged women in Kenya, working with Kenya’s Vision 2030 initiative. In 2013, the Federation moved its mining activities to the eastern region of DRC (Congo) to implement a large scale mining impact investment.

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Chambers Federation

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