How to partner with the Chambers Federation?

In the Chambers Federation we look to create multifaceted alliances that generate innovative projects and sustainable solutions to solve the needs of communities and disadvantaged groups in conflict-affected and high-risk areas.

Our partners address several issues affecting CAHRAs, including:

  • Supporting smallholder farmers, artisanal and small-scale mining organizations that are working towards formalization with access to fair-trade markets
  • Influencing sector-wide policies at a global level
  • Distributing knowledge through open source platforms to empower women and local producers
  • Raising public awareness about the challenges of artisanal mining and farming through events and publications

Through our alliances, we seek to constantly expand our scope and impact. We are receptive to new ideas and innovative ways of generating collaborations, either by supporting our projects with volunteering based on competencies, sharing knowledge, offering donations in kind, cause marketing, or sponsoring events.


By allying yourself with the Federation, you are supporting pioneering initiatives with high impact in the communities where it works, globally recognized across multiple sectors.

Our wide array of skills and partners  will offer your organization the opportunity of working with global experts in value addition, women empowerment and artisanal mining.


Chambers Federation work in collaboration with UKAID and developed the very first premium chocolate production facility in the DRC. Working with women farmers and employing entirely women in the production facility, the Cocoa Congo program produces a range of confectionary ingredients and finished chocolate bars.


The Federation works in collaboration with USAID through a combination of direct ‘common interest agreements’ and involvement in several USAID funded programs. Chambers Federation is not funded by nor a contractor of USAID.

Direct collaboration:

The Federation has signed agreements with USAID to further each organisations interest in driving forward the Responsible Mineral Trade, (RMT), as well as promoting agricultural development in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

USAID funded programs:

Capacity Building for Responsible Minerals Trade (CBRMT) project:

The Federation’s initiative Fair Congo works on the USAID funded CBRMT in eastern DRC. The goal of the Capacity Building for Responsible Minerals Trade (CBRMT) project is to strengthen the capacity of the Democratic Republic of Congo and regional institutions to transparently regulate a critical mass of the trade in strategic minerals in eastern DRC in order to transform the region’s mineral wealth into economic growth and development. The project supports programming in responsible mineral access, trade, and chain of custody related tin, tantalum, tungsten, (3Ts) and gold. The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) has funded Tetra Tech to strengthen the capacity of national and regional actors in the conflict-free minerals supply chain. Through USAID’s Capacity Building for Responsible Minerals Trade (CBRMT) project, Tetra Tech is scaling up conflict-free mineral certification/traceability systems in the region and strengthening the capacity of those involved at the national and regional levels. They are helping governments to reform their legal and policy frameworks to support a responsible, economically productive small-scale and artisanal mining sector. One objective is to increase links with the private sector to transform the region’s mineral wealth into a foundation for economic growth and development, thereby reducing resource vulnerability to exploitation and smuggling. Their approach addresses the root causes of localized resource disputes and helps to nurture a foundation for secure property rights. The Federation, through Fair Congo, is one of the private sector partners helping implement the goals of the CBRMT project as the primary exporter and a capacity building partner.