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Video Editor - Location: On-Site , Nairobi-Kenya

Video Editor



We’re looking for a video editor with a passion for storytelling and a unique style. A person who can turn footage into consumer engaging content, and bring stories to life through motion and sound. A tech-savvy individual who can bring the magic of post-production to life with the latest editing software and techniques. A team player who can work efficiently under tight deadlines and can handle multiple projects at once. A storyteller who has a never-ending hunger to learn and grow, and can evoke emotions in viewers and leave a lasting impression. If you have a passion for video editing and a desire to create unforgettable content, we want you!



Key Responsibilities

  • Be part of the creative process in terms scripting, producing, directing and editing videos
  • Review footage and select the best shots to include in the final edit following a script, screenplay, or outline.
  • Assemble the selected footage into a cohesive and compelling story.
  • Input sound to enhance footage, which may include selecting music and writing voice-overs.
  • Add special effects and graphics to enhance the overall quality of the video. 
  • Digitally splice film and video and synchronize them into one rough cut file.
  • Improve and correct lighting, coloring and faulty footage.
  • Collaborate with the visual content manager and the production team to ensure that the final product meets the desired creative vision and technical specifications.
  • Export and deliver final video content in various formats, such as HD, 4K, and social media.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest video editing software and techniques to maintain a high level of creativity and professionalism.



Essential Skills & Attributes

  • Demonstrate video production capacity
  • Demonstrable video editing experience.
  • Demonstrable skills in various video editing software, such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Adobe After effects, Adobe audition, Danvinci Resolve, among others.
  • General understanding of computers and digital equipment and knowledge of new and cutting-edge technology.
  • Knowledge on how to operate cameras and be familiar with camera equipment
  • Excellent storytelling skills and attention to detail.
  • Excellent time management and organizational skills.
  • Strong communication skills to effectively collaborate with team members
  • Ability to take and follow direction while also having a creative eye for improvements.
  • Training in multimedia and communications is helpful.



How to Apply

Please send your CV and cover letter to opportunities@chambersfederation.com and include the position title you’re applying to as the email subject. Please note, there will be a Skills Assessment Test for this position. Submit your applications by Friday, 3rd November 2023.

We welcome applications from a diverse pool of candidates, including seasoned professionals, students, recent graduates, interns, and all persons with untapped potential and a passion for growth. Female candidates are highly encouraged to apply.



About Us

We are a mission-driven, award-winning, investment and advisory firm implementing a blend of public, private, and philanthropic investment in high-risk environments. We specialize in developing value-added supply chains and social impact ventures that build peace and gender inclusion while enacting climate action. We provide advisory services to unlock economic opportunities to underserved markets through continued formal route to market facilitation and implementation of international responsible sourcing standards in the ASGM and cocoa sectors.



Our 3 Pillars 


  1. Women’s Economic Empowerment

We are spearheading equitable and inclusive economic development through entrepreneurship by investing into women and providing tools and training. We develop new opportunities for women and enhance their skills to participate in value addition, while receiving a living wage that can support them and their families.


  1. Climate Action

We support value addition at origin because it means we can drastically reduce our carbon footprint by cutting out the movement of raw materials across the globe to get a finished product. In the artisanal mining sector, we have implemented a complete elimination of all mercury, cyanide, chlorine gas, nitric and hydrochloric acids from the supply chains to prevent degradation of the natural ecosystem of mine sites.


  1. Building Peace & Resilience

Some of the communities we work with have dealt with more conflict and instability than we can ever imagine. Inspired by their fortitude, we collaborate with them to find long term solutions that can help them sustain their livelihoods to protect peace and resilience within the communities. Having access to avenues of stability and peace are particularly important for the endurance of these communities.                                                 

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