Large scale industrial mining operations are rarely received well by the surrounding local communities. This poor reception often leads to land rights issues, accusations of environmental destruction, human rights violations, even armed conflict.  Mining company CSR programs are often over-promised and under-delivered, leaving a long lasting resentment and impression of “corporate greed” with the mine’s neighbors. This can lead to a very damaging image for the mining company and even negatively impact the common stock value in the mining company’s home country. Currently, the Chambers Federation is the only for-profit company willing and capable to buffer that relationship and create a long term positive relationship with the mine’s host community. Having that positive relationship with the local community, combined with a solid social media, presence can lead to higher stock values and future mine developments to be an easier and less costly proposition.

Additional revenue generation:

Working with local ASM, artisanal small-scale miners, can lead not only to a positive relationship with the local community, it can add to the mining companies revenue. Generally the deposits that are mined on the industrial scale are at the highest cut-off grades, leaving the deposits below that grade unexploited. While of a lower grade, these deposits can still be exploited for-profit by the local community miners if done so in an organised manner. Providing these concessions, inexpensive equipment and a company such as ours as a legal buffer, can lead to a revenue split between the community exploiting the deposit and the company owning the concession.

Services include:

  • CSR Program Development & Implementation
  • Low-grade Deposit Revenue Development
  • Community/Public Relations Management
  • Cooperative Creation and Management

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