Key factors for your Startup Success

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Spoiler alert! Timing is by far the most important factor for a startups success.

When I look back at the various startups I’ve founded I would agree wholeheartedly. Even the existing businesses I’ve been apart of, when I implemented changes to the business model the primary reason those changes saved those businesses was due to timing. Matching market demand at the right moment to catch “the wave”. Would Chambers Financial Group worked if we didn’t predict the economic crisis 3 years before it happened and geared it towards the default industry? It likely would have survived, but not thrived. Or our most recent investment into conflict mineral traceability? If not for the timing of both legislation and consumer demand, 10-20 years ago this idea would not have found the market response it has thus far, much less a premium above market value. How does your business idea stack-up to market timing? Are you leading the pack or following a trend?

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