Formal meeting request 9-19-19

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Meeting Request

Dear XXX, please consider this our formal request for a meeting to review and discuss the following agenda items:
1. Presentation on the business math of responsible gold, success stories and challenges
2. Open source, market accepted approaches to responsible gold and social impact measurement
3. Private sector (XXX) moving forward and in need of support from USAID – All companies invested significant time and money into the previous USAID funded CBRMT with an expectation of a continuation of private sector engagement and continued collaboration
4. Potential roles USAID can fill facilitate responsible trade, recommendations on what interventions would be most effective to work in combination with private sector investment
5. ‘Rubber stamping’ of illicit actors-potential for USG funds used to support smuggling and money laundering operations
6. Exposure to PEPs; risk of both direct and indirect engagement of political figures listed in OFAC sanction lists
7. LSM engagement; Repeating mistakes and potential negative impact on market demand for responsible ASM gold not tied to LSM anchors, 99%+ of the market share
8. The importance of transparency, trust, integrity and communication in the gold sector
9. Risk: Life; US investment
10. Updates on new partnerships and programs from Chambers Federation
Thank you for taking the time to meet with us and we hope to be able to use this as an opportunity to move the RMT forward and build an effective and collaborative foundation for which it along with responsible gold from DRC may flourish.

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