What is Artisanal & Small-Scale Mining (ASM)?

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A common definition for the Artisanal & Small-Scale Mining sector has not been adopted as its legal status, defining criteria, and local definitions vary from country to country1. Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining (ASM) are formal or informal operations with predominantly simplified forms of exploration, extraction, processing and transportation. ASM is normally … Read More

What is Coltan?

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The name Coltan is derived from columbite–tantalite, known industrially as tantalite, with tantalum (Ta) as the principle chemical element. Tantalum (coltan) is currently classified as a conflict mineral along with tin (cassiterite), tungsten (wolramite) and gold. Previously known as tantalium, its name comes from Tantalus, a hero from Greek mythology.  In the story, Tantalus had … Read More

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