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Women Leading Social Impact

We empower women led social enterprises that work with over 32,000 small holder farmers and artisanal miners in eastern DRC & other CAHRAs. Empowering women in the production of the world’s most genuine chocolate, coffee and gold products, available to US, Canadian and European markets today.

All value added using the highest standards, made in the Democratic Republic of Congo & Republic of Kenya by Empowered Women

Direct Trade

Direct Trade is a way of doing business. It’s used by smaller companies that have an integrated supply chain and work directly with producers on the ground. It’s a bottoms-up approach to improve producer income, and bridge the gap between grower or miner, producer and you. Fair trade is a label. It’s used by large companies, to verify that farmers who live thousands of miles away from where the chocolate is made are paid a fair price for their cocoa (which isn’t actually fair enough to be sustainable). It’s a top-down approach for companies with an outsourced supply chain. We go way beyond fair trade. We know the farmers and miners we work with on a daily basis. And they know us. We share meals in their homes and we share a vision for prosperity.

Made @ The Source

Almost 70% cocoa, 20% gold and 12% of the world's coffee comes from Africa, but less than 1% of the world’s finished products are made there. Our mission is to demonstrate how not only can value addition take place in Africa but it can be done to the highest standards, in the some of the most challenging environments, produced entirely by women. This reverses some trends that have long held back economic growth in Africa. MAKING CHOCOLATE, COFFEE or GOLD JEWELRY AT ORIGIN IS NOT EASY. BUT WE’RE CONVINCED IT’S THE RIGHT THING TO DO – FOR THE CONSUMER, FOR THE FARMERS & MINERS.

Closing the Loop

Local value addition is the most efficient means to the lowest carbon footprint. Showing that this can be led by women, what is your excuse now?

Featured Videos

Journey of Gold, a Fair Congo supply chain
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Working in collaboration with USAID, check out what one of our artisanal mine sites looks like!

USAID funded CBRMT & the Fair Congo Initiatives
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The 1st responsible ASM gold supply chain from eastern DRC to the United States & Europe

PSIC Promo Video
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The United Nations and ICGLR Private Sector Investment Conference. Over $4 billion is investments featured, 1 fully executed, the Fair Congo Initiatives

I Am 'Origins' - @ORIGINEMPOWERED - chocolate made by empowered women

Our Social Impact in the News

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