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Women Leading Social Impact

The Chambers Federation is an award winning, US-based, accredited impact investment firm. Recipient the US Secretary of State award for corporate excellence (ACE), the Federation focuses on investments into women empowerment, responsible sourcing and value addition. We implement and empower woman-led social enterprises in the production of the world’s most genuine chocolate, coffee and gold products, working with over 32,000 small holder farmers and artisanal miners in conflict-affected areas. Available in US & European markets today.

Women's Empowerment

-Over 38 women trained through value addition processes, most are survivors of GBV -All value addition in chocolate, coffee and jewelry completed entirely by women -Independent savings and loan program created and run by ORIGINS beneficiaries

Climate Action

-Complete elimination of all mercury, cyanide, chlorine gas, nitric and hydrochloric acids from gold (jewelry) supply chains -Shade grown coffee and cocoa helping to prevent deforestation; climate smart farming -50 tons a year of wood recycled -Under 5 amps of electricity used through all value addition processes -@ ORIGIN value addition creates the lowest carbon footprint possible for manufacturing

Building Peace & Resilience

-Living wage programs have been implemented in each supply chain; gold, chocolate and coffee -A network of 32,000 small holder farmers and artisanal miners in eastern DRC -From our training and advisory support 4 local entrepreneurs are replicating ORIGINS Chocolate making model -An additional 26 local enterprises incorporate ORIGINS confectionary ingredients to build new locally made products ranging from bars, bonbons, mousse, cakes and jams -Many of our producing communities produce all 3 raw materials; artisanal gold, chocolate and coffee. By diversifying their economic development opportunities, we are building resilient communities, we are building peace and stability

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The 1st responsible ASM gold supply chain from eastern DRC to the United States & Europe

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The United Nations and ICGLR Private Sector Investment Conference. Over $4 billion is investments featured, 1 fully executed, the Fair Congo Initiatives

I Am 'Origins' - @ORIGINEMPOWERED - chocolate made by empowered women

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